Boston Wedding Bands, Live Music for Boston Weddings, Corporate Events, and Special Occasions

Six Reasons to Choose Live Music For Your Next Event



Four Guys in Tuxes / Absolutely Music

Weddings Are Our Specialty

Boston wedding musicians, music for weddings and 
special events in New England, Greater Boston, Cape Cod, 
and Newport Rhode Island.

Live Music for Weddings, Corporate Events, 
and Special Occasions

Custom live music from soloists to 10-pieces, for 
corporate, private, political, and charitable events. 

Swing, Society, and Classic Rock for 
Listening, Dancing, or Both.

For the Client who can appreciate the difference. 

Four Guys in Tuxes, Cape Cod WeddingsWe also provide music for Corporate Events, Political Events, Gala Balls, Special Occasions, and more... (click here for details)

Did you know guests prefer live
music over a DJ?

Here are six reasons why LIVE MUSIC at your special event is the best solution.


Locations in Newport, Boston, and on Cape Cod. 

Available throughout New England and the East Coast.

Call for details and more information or inquire using the form below.


FOUR GUYS IN TUXES is never handled by a third party, i.e. an agency, a production company, event producer, etc. The only way the talented musicians of the FOUR GUYS IN TUXES offices can be hired by you, customized to suit your unique musical requirements, under the prestigious FOUR GUYS IN TUXES brand name, is through direct communication with us. (Any third party that says they handle our product and can get us for you is engaging in a bait-and-switch, and you should avoid doing business with them. Any agency that has us listed on their "roster of artists" has put us there without our permission, and they are guilty of a deceptive business practice.)

If you already know that you want a FOUR GUYS IN TUXES soloist, band, orchestra, etc. at your special event, simply call us directly: It's the only way.

Four Guys in Tuxes - Absolutely Music

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Boston wedding musicians, music for weddings in Boston, and special events in New England, Cape Cod, and Newport Rhode Island. 
Four Guys in Tuxes, Absolutely Music. 

Six Reasons to Choose Live Music For Your Next Event

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